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Extension Menu in title

Add Extension to New Menu Add Web Extensions to New Context Menu
Size: 191 KB
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extension add context menu Context Menu Extension  
Dreamweaver Menu Extension Vista Buttons Menu Extension for Dreamweaver allows you to create fast, neat, and eye-pleasing menu navigation, directly Dreamweaver. Create, modify, add css menu to your website without leaving your
Size: 4.9 MB
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Vista Sliding Menu Dreamweaver Extension vista menu  
Extension Options Menu Easy access to extension in Firefox
Size: 39 KB
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extension Firefox extension addon firefox firefox addon  
LeechGet Mozilla Menu Extension Firefox extension that will add the LeechGet download manager in your browser
Size: 7.86K
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download manager manage manager Management  
DHTML Menu Extension for Dreamweaver Features: # Generated drop-down menu works on every major browser and OS # Extension comes with over 200 ready to use navigation bar designs # You can fine-tune the menu appearance to the very detail
Size: 4.3 MB
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mp3 build Menu dhtml menu creator menu creator DHTML  
MoreAct Context Menu Extension Now updated! Several bugs fixed, many features added.MoreAct is a Windows 95 context menu extension, which is to provide more actions (verbs) for file objects from the context menu. Its neat and simpl
Size: 66.0 K
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Extension Menu in tags

Managed Menu Extensions Provides easy access to adding Right Click menus in the Visual Studio Solution Explorer
Size: 1.1 MB
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Add-in Visual Studio Add-in Visual Studio  
Macromedia style menu - Dreamweaver extension. Dreamweaver Extension. Flash menu navigation bar. This extension provide your Dreamweaver with an easy tool for horizontal menu creation. Professional design. All parameters can be configured by tag i
Size: 31K
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extension hlalib extension Extension Method menu extension  
AntiVirus PlugIn The Context Menu Extension DLL is a easiest way to add Windows Explorer context menu extension (like WinZip) into your own...
Size: 1.46 MB
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extension hlalib extension menu extension context  
RegisterEx A shell context-menu extension for power-users andprogrammers who deal with OLE servers (mostly in DLL and OCX files). This shell extension adds 2 commands to the context-menu of DLL, EXE and OCX file
Size: 204K
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extension hlalib extension OCX shell menu extension context  
PackageMapping com Extension Extension 1.0.4d Thunderbird extension that will track and map packages from the right-click menu
Size: 14 KB
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OpenOffice extension extension hlalib extension  
SERegEdt A context menu extension which allows to edit the registry entries related to a file extension inside E...
Size: 52 KB
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OpenOffice extension extension registry hlalib extension  

Extension Menu in description

Mac style menu for Dreamweaver Extension for Dreamweaver. Attractive menu with minimal effort. Easy configurable Flash menu. This extension helps you to create Mac Style Menu on your own site. All parameters can be configured by ta...
Size: 22.97K
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flash flash menu mac Dreamweaver Extension Dreamweaver  
dreamweaver extensions This is a Dreamweaver Extension pack that consists of: Advanced CSS Drop Down Menu Dreamweaver Extension, Pure CSS Drop Down Menu Dreamweaver Extension and Lightbox Dreamweaver Extension. [b]Advanced ...
Size: 5.2 MB
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extension Firefox extensions rebuild extensions  
TADSEE TADSEE is a Anti-Digg/Slashdot Effect Extension that provides in the right-click context menu, options to open the Coral/Google cache versions of a link in a new tab. In order to enjoy the functionali...
Size: 20 KB
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link open Firefox extension firefox add-on open link opener  
Options Menu Options Menu is a useful Firefox extension which will provide quick access to the options dialogs of installed extensions via an 'Extension Options' cascade menu in the Tools menu.
Size: 102 KB
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extension add-on Firefox extension firefox firefox add-on  
Extension Options Menu This Firefox Extension was designed to add an extension options menu to the Tools or Titlebar menu. After installing the addon, it displays a new item in the Tools menu. The addon also ncludes toolbar...
Size: 39 KB
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extension Firefox extension addon firefox firefox addon  
Tools Menu Button This Firefox Extension was designed to add a Tools menu button next to the new orange Firefox 4 menu button. You can even choose the items to be included in this new menu from the Options window of th...
Size: 11 KB
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Menu firefox tools firefox addon Firefox menu Button Menu